BCAA Xtra Drink


Activlab BCAA Xtra Drink 250 мл

Brand: Activlab

Activlab BCAA XTRA DRINK — Amino Acid preparation in can.

First in the world of BCAA in beverages with up to 4000 mg of BCAAs in a single can. The product contains an optimal ratio (2:1:1) of L-leucine (2000 mg), L-isoleucine (1000 mg) and L-valine (1000 g). It does not contain sugar. BCAA Xtra Drink significantly contributes to shortening the regeneration time after increased physical activity, thereby increasing the body’s endurance.

Activlab BCAA XTRA DRINK highlights:

  • Cuts short the period of post–training regeneration
  • Enhances overall body efficiency during physical effort
  • 4000 mg of BCAAs per portion!


количество и вкус

1 Can Orange — 0.99€, 24 Cans Orange (box)(0.89€) — 21.36€