SAN Liver Support Formula 100 капсул

ID: SAN027



Maintains and protects healthy liver function*
Aids in liver detoxification*
Stimulates healthy bile production*
Promotes healthy cholesterol levels*
LIVER SUPPORT FORMULA gives your body the defense you need to fight off potentially performance-robbing plateaus you may reach when your liver is overtaxed.
The natural extracts in LIVER SUPPORT FORMULA effectively add to your body’s ability to handle everything you and your environment throw at it. Milk Thistle Extract has been used successfully for years to maintain a healthy liver and protect it from damage, and it is often prescribed to treat various liver-damaging conditions. Dandelion Root Extract is popular for its liver-detoxifying properties, and Artichoke Extract protects your liver by increasing the ability of bile produced in the liver to effectively deal with lipid processing.