Olimp BCAA Testo 500 грамм

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  • An anabolic dose of BCAA with a ratio of 4:1:1
  • The amount of amino acids allows the activation of certain metabolic pathways (mTOR)
  • Helps to increase energy metabolism (BCAA, magnesium, vit. B6) and reduce fatigue
  • A formula which facilitates the synthesis of new proteins (zinc, magnesium) and increases testosterone level

From now on, your results will be even better! BCAA Testo is an innovative combination of an anabolic dose of BCAA with a complex of vitamins and minerals, plus the addition of whey hydrolysate, thanks to which it will be even easier to build those powerful muscles and the silhouette you have dreamed about!

The BCAA Testo o formula is a well-thought-out composition of repeatedly tested raw materials. The use of innovative production technology in the Olimp Laboratories, where, in addition to supplements, medicinal products are manufactured, allowed us to create a product of pharmaceutical quality, and, above all, with supporting action for the body when subjected to systematic, high-intensity, physical exercise.

BCAA Testo is a formula for physically active men, which is tasked with strengthening the transformations leading to the building of lean muscle mass and increasing the effects of a balanced diet and intense workouts. This multi-ingredient complex, which is based on an appropriate amount of BCAA amino acids, high-quality whey hydrolysate, and high doses of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, has been designed to support the body in states of increased physical activity and to counteract the effects of overtraining.

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