Iron Flex Water Jug 1000 мл Pink

ID: IFX001



Maintaining hydration is very important during intense tennis. For this purpose, it is worth getting a water storage container, such as a water bottle from IronFlex. It is a high quality water bottle, stable and easy to use.

Water replenishment during training is very important for people who want to keep their body in good shape. Lack of proper hydration results in low energy consumption and faster fatigue. Too low a water level in the body causes faster pain, which negatively affects performance during exercise.

Water plays a huge role in cleansing the body of toxins, it determines the good condition of the whole body. People who train should drink a lot more water, their need for it is much higher. For this reason, you need a much larger container that you can take with you to the gym. The ideal solution is a water jug ​​from the brand IronFlex — a hard water bottle that you can take with you to each training session

The bottle is made of high quality plastic
Large capacity
Tape connecting the cap to the bottle
Without BPA