Iconfit Energy Boost 250 грамм

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ICONFIT Energy Boost is a mixture of superfoods produced in Estonia for morning energy. Thanks to the natural caffeine from guarana, you can get the same caffeine charge from your smoothie as from 1 cup of coffee. In addition, the Energy Boost mixture is also rich in vitamin C from freeze-dried sea buckthorn, baobab (monkey breadfruit) and maca. It all gives you extra energy and nutrients to start the day to feel better.

Why choose ICONFIT Energy Superfoods?

Our product range emphasizes purity and quality, and we offer our products at the best prices.
Packed in a high-quality and airtight ICONFIT cardboard jar that is convenient to use and can be reused in the future to store other solids.
Compared to some competing products, you get approx. 25% larger quantity for almost 50% cheaper price!
Energy Superfoods is developed in Estonia and produced in Estonia.

The guarana plant grows in South America and is rich in caffeine which provides energy for the day.

From Maca we get vitamins B and C and useful minerals. It helps to increase the endurance of both men and women.

Baobab (monkey breadfruit) fruits are rich in vitamins B and C and calcium, iron and magnesium.

Sea buckthorn is a growing superfood in Estonia that contains 7x more vitamin C than lemon.

Chia protein is rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, zinc and many other useful minerals.

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