Energy Cake Bar 125 грамм White Chocolate

ID: EC022


The perfect snack for maximum training energy, optimal replenishment of glycogen stores after training and for any time of the day when you are hungry!

  • Fast energy in a practical form for any situation
  • Healthy complex whole grain carbohydrates
  • 11 grams of fiber per energy cake
  • Available in many delicious flavors
  • New recipe — up to 40% less sugar
  • Huge selection of flavors
  • handmade
  • natural protein supplier
  • lactose free

Energy Cakes are delicious, soft flapjacks made from healthy oatmeal that will give you an energy boost in the form of healthy, complex whole grain carbohydrates when you need them most.

Before training, an energy cake will provide you with maximum, long-lasting training energy for intensive training units, without unnecessarily burdening your digestive tract. After training, an energy cake as a delicious snack with your protein shake will help you to quickly replenish your glycogen stores that were emptied during training — and in a much more enjoyable way than dextrose or other soluble carbohydrates mixed in the protein shake.

And during the rest of the day, an energy cake will always serve you invaluable if you feel hungry or if you run out of energy.

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