Alpha Power 5S CFM Platinum Iso Whey proteīns 2 кг


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The preservation of muscles for regeneration is also for gaining lean muscle mass, as an additional source of energy. Other protein contains at least 90% whey protein.

The HPLC lab tested and certified micronized and vegetarian amino acid ingredients that meet the highest FCC and USP quality standards. Amino acid matrix and quality symbol «Aminotes Ted®».

For example, this protein IsoWhey protein Platinum 5, phased Isocfm, made in Germany! Be sure that there is no vegetable protein, and other abnormalities. It is known that the source of high-grade protein consists of whey (milk) and therefore there are no other types of protein in this product, such as soybeans, peas. We also deliberately developed high-quality flavor additives in order to enjoy the protein cocktail in full. Alpha Power Food — Alpha Pure Series®: IsoWhey Platinum 5 protein is phased Isocfm filtration. The product is made in Germany and certified, and is also compatible with Wada and IOC.

This protein is suitable for real pros who know a lot about additives, and that quality supplements will help them achieve better results. We can guarantee this with protein ALPHAPOWER Food 5 Iso CFM Whey Hydrolyzed. The complex consists of 5 phase matrix which has no analogues.