Гантель виниловая шестиугольная 3кг

ID: LF014



The rhythm of modern life does not give everyone the opportunity to train in the gym, and it is a reality — not everyone can organize such a room at home. That’s why dumbbells — were, are and remain the most popular simulator used for workouts at home. They are compact, inexpensive, but very efficient. Great for beginners. The covers on the surface are covered with rubber — for comfort and safety, because dumbbells can cause serious injuries if they slip out of your hands. If you decide to buy the whole set — a color accent on a dumbbell with a different weight will help you immediately choose the right weight without looking at the markings.

The aim:

suitable for home and gym.


• Used for fitness and low physical activity.

• Suitable for running, aerobics classes.

• Rubber dumbbells are comfortable, aesthetic, do not scratch the floor and surfaces.