Trec Training Lifting Hooks

ID: TN009


  • Prevention against injuries by stabilizing the joints around the wrist
  • Protection against abrasions of the epidermis
  • Total mobility of hands is preserved
  • Functional solutions applied
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Elegant, black finish

Trec Lifting Hooks are one of the most useful training accessories used by both amateur and intermediate strength athletes. Thanks to them, it is possible to effectively improve the strength of the grip, as well as to avoid serious injuries of the joints around the wrist.

Great improvement in the grip strength
Contrary to the opinions of many people, training is a much more complex process. It mainly includes a purely physical aspect, and thus the exercise itself, as well as a mental preparation – motivation that drives to action. Lack or significant loss in one of these areas will result in the inhibition of the progress. The most common problem is the discouragement to the strength training, which is the result of the long-term stagnation.