Trec Boogieman Shot 100 ml


Boogieman Shot stimulates more workouts – pre-workouts are a group of supplements that are probably the most popular among clients. Manufacturers who want to offer something new and amazing, enrich their formula with various ingredients with a psychostimulant effect. For many, this stimulation determines the actual pre-workout effect. Unfortunately, this group’s high-end add-on should not be limited to this. Yes, before the workout should stimulate the body, but to fulfill the assumptions of advanced training. Stimulation caused by pre-workouts is sometimes so great that it causes symptoms of breakdown, discomfort in food and an inability to focus on accepted tasks. You will not feel this effect when using Boogieman Shot. This pre-workout product contains a complex of body-stimulating ingredients such as anhydrous caffeine and taurine. They may not make you “jump off your shoes” and end up in the locker room, but will certainly stimulate the release of adrenaline, which will mobilize your body’s energy pathways to do more workouts.

The main complex of Boogieman ingredients are energy optimizers that increase muscle strength and efficiency: beta-alanine, inosine, as well as arginine and citrulline.

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