Trec Boogieman 300 grams 30 servings


Boogieman ends an era of dangerous pre-workout overstimulation – have you tried many pre-workout supplements and are you slowly tired of those whose main and often only effect is stimulation? It is true that drowsiness is not easy to deal with training difficulties, but for the same purpose it is enough to drink proper coffee. Many pre-workout preparations cause so much psychostimulation that people who use them often face stomach problems, a feeling of breakdown. Companies often enrich their pre-workout sessions with ingredients that negatively affect health, such as geranium, a drug that is considered doping in sports. This substance affects the body in a similar way to ephedrine, acting dangerously and stimulating thermogens.

It often turns out that the stimulation is so great that people who supplement it are unable to complete the training program. Boogiman does contain ingredients that safely stimulate, but also those that allow you to focus more on your workout and complete your program 100%. During this pre-workout, we will find classic stimulants, such as caffeine or the amino acid tyrosine, which are used to produce the hormones of exercise (adrenaline, thyroxine) needed to fully mobilize the system’s energy. Boogieman Trec also contains substances that increase concentration, such as ginseng extract or Rhodiola rosea extract, which facilitates concentration, increases activity, resistance to stress and is used in the state of physical and mental exhaustion. The pre-workout complex also includes theanine, which is found in high concentrations in green tea, and is a psychoactive compound that reduces stress levels and improves cognitive abilities.

A good class of pre-workout preparation contains not only stimulation, but also ingredients that increase the body’s energy efficiency, such as beta-alanine. Boogieman contains as much as 5 g of beta-alanine, thanks to which you will be able to prolong effective muscle working time!

Boogieman goes a step further in terms of its muscle pumping effect, as it contains ALA (alpha-lipoic acid), which is a powerful antioxidant. What does free radicals have to do with the pump? It turns out to be very much because NO has a wide range of functions in the body and, apart from stimulating the muscle pumping effect, it is also a powerful systemic antioxidant. The presence of ALA in Boogiemann increases the amount of NO that the body can use to get the desired muscle pump.

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