Scitec Shaker Navy Blue 500ml

ID: SC025



SCITEC Shaker Scitec Tr
Are you an active person who loves to exercise, can’t you sit in one place for too long? You love sports, you train every day, you put a lot of weight on your hobby. You take care of your body and use proteins, amino acids and gainers. From now on, you will be able to dissolve them easily and quickly. When you buy a Shaker Scitec Tr from the well-known Scitec brand, you will get one of the best products on the market.

Shaker for nutrients – For you
You are well aware of the importance of supporting the body. You use BCAA supplements because you want to have the best and fastest regeneration. Amino acids allow you to efficiently return to the gym, and protein build up muscles so that you are satisfied. However, their preparation is often very tedious.

Tired of mixing the conditioner in a glass, pouring it into bottles, and washing all the dishes is very tiring. You fancy all this fun. Not all preparations dissolve easily and pleasantly. The nutritional shaker will be the solution. Thanks to it, you will be able to consume your favorite product without any problems.

Simple protein shaker
However, choosing the right shaker is not so easy – you should think what you need and what will be able to meet all your requirements. Invest in a good quality shaker with convenient closure. One of them is the Shaker Scitec Tr from Scitec. It really is a great choice.

The product has a delicate, streamlined shape, you will hold it steadily in your hand, there is no possibility that it will suddenly slip out of your hand. The lid and cap of the mouthpiece are closed with a thread, which makes the shaker really tight. You will be sure that you will not be in for an unpleasant surprise related to flooded clothes in your bag.