Power System Weighted West 10 kg

ID: PS102
110.00 79.99


110.00 79.99

The weighting vest is a universal sports accessory that can be used both for aerobics and power sports or martial arts training. And of course to use in training about crossfit.

This vest is good for its versatility. Only 8 loads are included, each 1.25 kg, which allows you to comfortably adjust the training load. The maximum weight is 10 kg.

If you are a beginner athlete, even with small weights, you will develop strength endurance, gradually increasing the load. A large load will help develop maximum strength.

The vest has an adjustable fastener, with which you can adjust to any build and to fix the vest. And also, a soft coating, for comfort in training.

Weight: 8 loads of 1.25 kg

Total weight: 10 kg

Cargo filler: metal shavings.

Black color.