Power System Slimming Shorts


Slimming shorts POWER SYSTEM SLIMMING SHORTS NS PRO – elastic shorts with sauna effect. Made in classic black. They have a strong fabric base. They do not break, do not wear out, they have excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the versatile models, slimming shorts are suitable for both women and men. Anyone who works on weight correction.

The peculiarity of slimming shorts is that they retain heat and create a local bath effect around the “problematic” areas of the body. The increase in temperature, albeit in a small segment, creates optimal conditions for the burning of subcutaneous fat. Increased blood flow stimulates the acceleration of metabolism, promotes the excretion of toxins and oxidation products. And most importantly, it accelerates lipolysis, a process associated with the breakdown of unsaturated fatty acids.

Microporous structure Optimal product thickness – only 3 mm
High product flexibility
Presence of a zipper
Safe fit + tight-fitting 3-in-1 effect – compression, massage and thermal effect
Protection against microtraumas, bruises and sprains
Ease of use
Sauna shorts can be used in combination with or without high-intensity aerobic exercises. According to reviews, the effect of thermal shorts is most pronounced in systemic use. Single or irregular use does not give the desired result.


M – waist circumference 66 cm, hips circumference 92 cm
L – waist circumference 72 cm, hips circumference 98 cm
XL – waist circumference 76 cm, hip circumference 104 cm