Power System Resistance Band Set of 3

ID: PS143



Resistance Band Set – set of 3 resistance bands, which offers different variants of weight training exercises to strengthen the muscles

Strengthening bands of The Resistance Band Set are very durable seamless rubber bands, suitable for functional workouts at home, fitness centre or at the gym. They offer different variants of weight training exercises that are given by the resistance of the material. They strengthen the muscles, improve their firmness, capacity, range of motion, as well as muscle coordination (ie, muscle and muscle group cooperation). Strengthening rubber band is space-saving and does not require any additional equipment or exercise machines. In each package, there are bands in 3 different colour designs that define the degree of rigidity of the band (resistance to movement). Resistance and load can also be increased by doubling the band to get to the higher level:

  • low resistance – 4 – 6kgs (orange)
  • medium resistance – 6 – 9kgs (purple)
  • high resistance – 9 – 12kg (grey)

Strengthening bands of Resistance Band Set and their benefits

  • very useful accessory for muscle workout
  • can be used for weightlifting, bench pressing, squatting, deadlifting
  • can be used also in gymnastics, martial arts, crossfit, fitness and aerobics
  • the package contains 3 bands for 3 different levels of resistance
  • bands are made of high-quality elastic material
  • dimensions 120 x 15 cm