Power System Kettlebell 12 kg

ID: PS144



To develop the muscular strength of athletes, strengthen joints. They have a spherical shape with a special handle for gripping weights by hand.

For intensive training of the abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders,
The wheel provides greater stability and strength,
It can be used at any stage of training,
Non-slip wheel cover provides safety and stability during training
Small size make it easy to transport and store.
Weights are made so that the weight will be distributed at two reference points, which will facilitate the work of stabilizers, make it more balanced.

Stabilizers will not limit the strength of the working muscle, so you can cope with a greater load. Higher weight uses the same stabilizers more strongly, therefore, whether they want it or not, but still they will have to strengthen.

With weights, you will quickly experience the growth of weights, an increase in strength and muscle mass than with standard shells.