Power System Ankle Support Evo


Made of unique, extremely strong, transversely placed flexible fibers, ensuring durability and demanding fastening. The special design allows dissipation of forces and overload during movement and reduces slipping and sagging. The product provides comfortable, even compression to reduce pain and tension and relieves joint pain. Recommended for prophylactic use. Protects and reduces the consequences of accidents, suitable, for example, for people engaged in dynamic sports. Helps reduce the risk of further injury.



M – circumference above the ankle (18 – 20.5 cm) and below the ankle (14 – 16.5 cm)

L – circumference above the ankle (20.5 – 23 cm) and below the ankle (16.5 – 19 cm)

XL – circumference above the ankle (23 – 25.5 cm) and below the ankle (19 – 21.5 cm)