OstroVit WHEYlicious 700 grams


WHEYlicious by OstroVit is a high-quality protein supplement whose protein content reaches almost 70%. A unique formula combining a whey protein concentrate (WPC) and powdered buttermilk assures better flavor and smoother texture of the ready drink. Do you do sports and look for product which can help you supplement protein level in your diet fast and pleasurably? Choose OstroVit WHEYlicious protein supplement in your favorite flavor!

What is OstroVit WHEYlicious?

OstroVit WHEYlicious is a protein supplement in the form of powder which you can quickly dissolve in water or low-fat milk. Thanks to high content of protein, the product will perform perfectly with regard to athletes who look for wholesome source of protein, and all other people who are on a high-protein diet.

The innovative combination of whey protein concentrate and buttermilk substantially improves solubility of the product and provides it with a unique and soft flavor. OstroVit WHEYlicious will be a good choice when:

  • You wish to boost your metabolism after workout
  • You wish to recover after training as soon as possible
  • You look for additional source of protein in your diet
  • You lack ideas for fast and healthy snacks
  • You overeat sweets


OstroVit WHEYlicious 700 g supplement is a rich source of highly assimilable protein which serves as a basic material for your tissues, muscles and internal organs. Its suitable level is exceptionally important in physically active persons, regardless of purpose of their exercises. Protein deficiency may lead to micro-damage during workout as well as delayed regeneration. It also supports fatigue and causes your body to get more exposed to injuries.

Major features of the product:

  • PERFECT FOR ATHLETES – OstroVit WHEYlicious protein supplement is an interesting offer for persons who lead an active lifestyle. It will perform well both if you wish to build a muscle mass and when you reduce it.
  • IMPROVED COMPOSITION – OstroVit protein is devoid of preservatives and other redundant fillers. Thanks to a unique combination of protein concentrate and buttermilk, the protein drinks tastes better and is easier to prepare. One package is enough to create 23 protein cocktails.
  • HIGH CONTENT OF PROTEIN – Whey protein concentrate, also referred to as WPC, is known for high content of protein, i.e. as many as 70%. Using the supplement after your workout, you can easily support muscle reconstruction and limit tiredness.
  • MANY FLAVORS – WHEYlicious is available in several flavor variants, thanks to which you can easily choose the product that will satisfy all your expectations. You can choose a natural version which is very universal, or one of our special flavor variants.

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