OstroVit Vit&Min SPORT 60 capsules 2pack

ID: OST155



OstroVit VIT & MIN Sport is a dietary supplement containing the necessary vitamins and minerals for every athlete. The product was developed based on the needs of active people. High doses and the best chemical forms of vitamins will allow you to overcome the deficiencies of key microelements. Our complex has been additionally enriched with a mixture of plant extracts and amino acids with antioxidant and adaptogenic properties.

The combination of vitamins and minerals necessary for every athlete
Highly absorbable forms in high doses
Only 2 capsules a day
Methylated B vitamins
Organic forms of minerals
Plant extracts and antioxidants
Full 30 days of supplementation
The product does not contain: fillers, anti-caking agents or dyes

Who should use OstroVit VIT & MIN Sport?
First of all, active people. The preparation was developed with the hardest training in mind, so as to be able to supplement the microelements of every athlete.

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