OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex 90 capsules

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OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex is a universal dietary supplement which protects your organism against harmful impact of free radicals from food and environment. Vitamin E and four natural tocopherols have anti-oxidant properties, thanks to which they counteract various diseases. Do you still want to feel young and healthy as well as enjoy beautiful skin? Try OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complext capsules.

OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex capsules is a set of active ingredients required for proper operation of the organism and providing anti-oxidant impact. Thanks to combination of vitamin E and natural tocopherols with plant-derived squalane, phytosterol, beta-carotene, and coenzyme Q10, the impact of the product is comprehensive and includes fight against free radicals, support to immunity system and reduction of cholesterol.

The anti-oxidant nutrients, such as vitamin E, tocopherols, plant-derived squalene and coenzyme Q10, provide effective support in prevention of diseases caused by free radicals, including tumors, cataract, glaucoma and atherosclerosis. Use OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex dietary supplement on a regular basis if you:

  • want to take comprehensive care of your health and immunity
  • dream of beautiful skin
  • can see early wrinkles on your face
  • suffer from acne or other skin diseases
  • wish to improve your immunity
  • have high cholesterol level
  • are often exposed to sunlight

The effects of vitamin E and tocopherols deficiency may be very dangerous. For this reason you should immediately start supplementation if you suspect shortage of the above.

Major features of the supplement:

  • WEALTH OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – OstroVit dietary supplement contains vitamin E, tocopherols and other ingredients strengthening their impact. Thanks to this, you can provide your organism with comprehensive care.
  • ANTI-OXIDANT PROPERTIES – The most important benefit arising from use of the supplement is fierce fight against free radicals which contribute to skin aging and can lead to numerous diseases.
  • CONVENIENT FORM – The supplement takes a form of capsules. One package is sufficient for about three months of regular supplementation.

Active substances included in the supplement:

  • Vitamin E and natural tocopherols complex (d-gamma-tocopherol, d-alfa-tocopherol, d-delta-tocopherol and d-beta-tocopherol) – They serve as antioxidants and hinder emergence of free radicals. They also strengthen immunity system and defend red blood cells.
  • Plant-derived squalene – It boosts regeneration of cuticle, protects against UV radiation, and helps you keep your skin moistened. It prevents oxidative stress. It reduces cholesterol too.
  • Phytosterol – It reduces cholesterol level in blood.
  • Beta-carotene – It strengthens immunity. It prolongs sun tanning effects and protects against UV radiation. It helps you treat acne and delay emergence of wrinkles.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – It secures organism cells against oxidative stress. It supports operation of numerous organs. It fosters immunity system.


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