OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 VEGE 100 capsules

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OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 VEGE is a vegan dietary supplement with a high content of valuable coenzyme Q10 in the oxidized form. The coenzyme supports operation of all body cells and secures them against harmful impact of free radicals. Are you an athlete and wish to have a healthy organism? Or maybe you are looking for a natural anti-oxidant which can help you feel better and look healthier? The coenzyme Q10 is the answer to your needs!

The ubichinon, that is an oxidized form of coenzyme Q10, is a compound which occurs naturally in all body cells. Its main task is to produce energy. Additionally, it may also stabilize cell membranes, regulate pressure, encourage the immunity system to act, as well as increase mobility of spermatozoon. If ubichinon level is too low, you may experience chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, lower immunity and impaired functions of your organism. It may also lead to chronic diseases. To raise its quantity in your organism, you ought to go on a diet rich in spinach, broccoli, fish, oils and wholegrain products, or a dietary supplement which a high content of this ingredient.

The coenzyme Q10 is required for proper operation of the organism. Choose OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 VEGE dietary supplement if you:

  • are always tired
  • lack appetite
  • often get sick
  • deal with poor functions of your organism
  • your skin needs flexibility

Although ubichinon occurs naturally in any organism, there is a set of factors which may lower its level. The most important are advanced age, smoking cigarettes, living in a polluted area, or regular and intensive physical effort. For this reason, older persons, smokers and athletes should regularly take supplements rich in coenzyme Q10.

Major features of the supplement:

  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – The coenzyme Q10 supports operation of the entire organism. It participates in production of cell energy and stabilizes cell membranes. It is responsible for transferring electrons in the respiratory chain.
  • EFFECTIVE ANTI-OXIDANT – Ubichinon serves as an anti-oxidant in the organism. It protects cells against oxidative stress and prevents diseases caused by free radicals.
  • PRODUCT FOR ATHLETES – Professional sport persons are exposed to coenzyme Q10 deficiency. Regular supplementation of this ingredient helps you counteract fatigue and allows you to keep proper health of your organism.
  • VEGAN FORMULA – OstroVit Ubichinon Q10 VEGE is free from animal-origin ingredients, so it can be freely used by vegans or vegetarians.

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