OstroVit Shaker Sport 700 ml Dark Green

ID: OST395



OstroVit Shaker Sport 700 ml is a series of standard, colourful, reliable shakers that from now on you will be able to take with you wherever you want. Whether it’s heavy weight training, an outing to the mountains or maybe a simple walk – just pour water or compose your favourite protein shake, which will replace your meal, which you often have to spend a lot of time preparing.

OstroVit Shaker Sport 700 ml is your choice!!

OstroVit Shaker Sport 700 ml

This is a screw-on container for your favourite drinks with a large OstroVit logo with a capacity of 700 ml, and its design effectively prevents nutrient leakage. The shaker is completely safe in contact with food. Thanks to the fact that it is transparent, you can easily measure the amount of your prepared drink, made easier by the measuring cup on the back of the shaker. When creating your favourite protein shakes, use the special strainer that comes with the kit. It will crush the lumps perfectly and make the consistency of your drink perfect.


  • Strainer for easy mixing of conditioner
  • Easy to clean
  • 700 ml capacity
  • Clearly divided
  • Comfortable and robust