OstroVit Pump Extreme 300 grams


OstroVit Pump Extreme is a powdered dietary supplement created under a special flavored product line – True Taste. A carefully and precisely developed formula of 13 ingredients will let you find unlimited reserves of energy, boost physical efficiency and obtain „muscle pump” effect which you have never experienced before. The future of your workouts is OstroVit Pump Extreme. The extreme „pump”, extreme stimulation, extreme level of your training sessions.

  • 300 g in package
  • as many as 30 portions in the product
  • 1 portion is 10 g
  • 13 extreme substances

OstroVit Pump Extreme

OstroVit Pump Extreme is undoubtedly a complete dietary supplement. A composition of 13 synergistically complementing elements allows achieving all goals set by every single hardworking athlete. Achieving goals thanks to OstroVit Pump Extreme has never been so easy. Express yourself and show what you can do!

L-citrulline – it is a non-protein amino acid which participates in the urea cycle. Citrulline increases blood flow through blood vessels, boosts nitric oxide production and raises exercise capacities during the heaviest workouts.

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and L-arginine take active part in production of nitric oxide, reduce blood viscosity and support proper operation of our cardiovascular system.

Beta-alanine – an organic chemical compound which, similar to citrulline, belongs to non-protein amino acids. Its major aim is to hinder production of lactic acid in muscles, increase exercise capacities and directly generate carnosine in muscles.

Taurine – it is included in brain, heart, kidneys and muscular tissue. In spite of its small quantity, it plays an important role in proper operation of these organs. It also serves as a neurotransmitter in brain, cell membrane stabilizer and facilitates transportation of ions, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Beetroot extract DER 4:1 – beetroot juice may contribute to increase in exercise capacities during physical endurance activities. It improves cardiovascular and respiratory stability as well as raises nitric oxide synthesis, which boosts blood flow and muscles oxygenation.

L-tyrosine – it is an organic chemical compound which belongs to the group of protein amino acids. It is a very important compound which participates in synthesis of such crucial catecholamines as dopamines and epinephrine (adrenaline). These are significant neurotransmitters which are tightly correlated with suitable tyrosine level in the organism.

Anhydrous caffeine – helps you boost metabolism, stimulates, adds energy, supports reduction of redundant fatty tissue.

Grapeseed extract – standardized for 95% of proanthocyanidins, similar to gingerols, they demonstrate high reactivity to your immunity system, reduce inflammations in the organism and show strong tendency to detoxicate.

Black pepper fruit extract – standardized for 95% of piperine, improves digestion and raises blood flow, which results in enhanced blood supply of your organs, thus helping them work better.

Properties of OstroVit Pump Extreme

  • Allows achieving extreme muscle pump (nitric oxide)
  • Increased workout efficiency and fitness
  • Maximum stimulation during workout sessions
  • Support to building fat-free body weight
  • Reduction of fatigue during workout
  • More strength -> Bigger commitment -> Bigger muscle mass

Contains caffeine; not recommended to children and pregnant women (content of caffeine is 200 mg per portion).

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