OstroVit NAC 300 mg 150 tablets

ID: OST190



Do you lead an active lifestyle? Provide your organism with comprehensive support so that you can enjoy full energy to act. See NAC 300 – a dietary supplement which contains one of the key amino-acids in an easily assimilable form.

What is NAC 300?

NAC 300 is a modern dietary supplement which contains N-acetylcysteine.

  • N-acetylcysteine is best assimilable form of cysteine required for proper operation of your organism.
  • The product comes as easy-to-swallow pills – recommended dose is ½ pill a day.
  • NAC 300 is a dietary supplement developed in accordance with standards applicable in EU – meeting consumption safety requirements.

What are the properties of NAC 300?

NAC 300 active ingredient is N-acetylcysteine. This substance is used by physically active persons, including bodybuilders, who wish to provide comprehensive support to their organism.

N-acetylcysteine supports:

  • proper operation of immunity system
  • processes related to organism cleansing
  • comprehensive protection against free radicals
  • maintenance of proper mental functions
  • fight against inflammations, particularly respiratory tract issues
  • development of fat-free muscle mass

This is why this product is used by a wide range of athletes and other people. Be one of them and choose NAC 300 to see the difference!

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