OstroVit MCT Coconut Oil 500 ml

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The OstroVit coconut MCT oil is a valuable source of saturated fatty acids which support general health and fitness of your organism. If used daily, the coconut MCT oil will supply you with such compounds as caprylic acid and capric acid. Do you lead an active lifestyle, keep fit, work mentally, or maybe take care of your health? Add the coconut MCT oil to your everyday supplementation!

What is MCT oil?

Fats are chemical compounds that should be part of your diet. Sadly, instead of healthy fats, people more and more often choose large amounts of harmful trans fats included for example in margarine, cookies, chocolate produce, ready-made meals and fast-foods. The fat with completely different properties that should be taken in the form of a natural supplement is the coconut MCT oil.

MCT oils have medium-chain fatty acids which are specifically digested and absorbed by the organism. Their digestion does not require lipase and bile so that they are quickly absorbed. The coconut MCT oil is a valuable energy shot, so it proves perfect after the workout and when you get tired and drowsy. The MCT oil can also support weight loss and assure a long-term feeling of satiety. It demonstrates anti-bacterial properties too. Choose the OstroVit coconut MCT oil if you:

  • lead an active lifestyle
  • do mental work
  • feel tired
  • are on a reducing diet
  • look for a source of healthy fat
  • supplement vitamin A, D, E and K.


The coconut MCT oil is more and more often used to enrich various dietary supplements. The oil is neutral in taste and aroma so you can exclude any sensory discomfort.

Major features of the MCT oil:

  • LARGE PORTION OF ENERGY – The MCT oil can successfully increase energy for a long time. This kind of fat does not overload your alimentary canal and, if used regularly, may substantially improve your exercise capacity.
  • SUPPORT TO WEIGHT LOSS – Thanks to quick digestion of the MCT oil, it does not lead to the rise in body fat (if taken as per recommendations). Thus it is advisable to use it instead of other types of fats.
  • IMPROVED ABSORPTION OF VITAMINS – Taking the MCT oil together with fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K – supports their absorption. If your vitamins are devoid of fats, you must choose the MCT oil
  • PERFECT MATCH FOR BULLETPROOF COFFEE – As popularity of the ketogenic diet is growing, more and more people choose the so-called bulletproof coffee, that is coffee with butter. If you are eager to taste it, replace trans fat-rich butter with our coconut oil!

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