Ostrovit Maca Vege 60 capsules

ID: OST121



OstroVit Maca VEGE is a dietary supplement in vegan capsules containing maca root extract. The product was created for people who lead an active lifestyle and for those who on a daily basis are forced to intense mental effort. The comprehensive use of Peruvian ginseng, considered one of the superfoods products, has been supported by numerous studies.

  • 60 servings in the package
  • DER (drug extract ratio) – 10: 1
  • 600 mg of extract in one tablet
  • 1 capsule per serving
  • HPMC capsules – for vegans and vegetarians


OstroVit Maca VEGE

Peruvian ginseng or Maca are names that refer to a historical plant cultivated for a long time in Peru by indigenous Peruvian Indians. Indians traversing the mountainous Andean areas needed a panacea for the hardships of living in this climate. Lepidium meyenii (because that is its Latin name) was used to increase energy levels, endurance, and weaknesses related to mental fatigue and even menstrual pain. Nowadays, maca is a synonym of high libido, great superfood, as well as perfect help in improving memory. Peruvian ginseng thanks to its adaptogenic properties supports immunity and protects us from stressful situations. Its operation has been proven by numerous studies.


OstroVit Maca VEGE properties

  • It helps to increase the body’s endurance
  • Proven real impact on increasing libido
  • It can reduce fatigue, anxiety and even depression
  • Shows energizing (stimulating) effect
  • It helps to slow down the aging process of the body and mind
  • Has pro-cognitive effects (improves memory and focus)
  • A natural antioxidant and a great adaptogen

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