OstroVit Inositol 200 grams

ID: OST348



OstroVit Inositol is a supplement containing only one ingredient, which is mio-inositol. The supplement does not contain any superfluous baking agents, padding substances or other additives and its micronization is at the highest level. The ideal bioavailability was dictated by high consumer demands. Product from the Supreme Pure line where you choose only the declared active ingredient.

  • 200 g of inositol in a package
  • As many as 400 portions per package
  • Only 500 mg per day
  • Only one ingredient, no unnecessary padding substances
  • SUPREME PURE product line
  • Vitamin B8

OstroVit Inositol

Inositol is an organic chemical compound from the sugar group, cyclic six-carbon polyhydroxyl alcohol containing six hydroxyl groups. It is sometimes referred to as “vitamin B8”, but it is not a vitamin because it can be synthesized by the body. All isomers have a sweet taste. It is synthesized mainly in the brain, heart, ovaries, partly also in the liver and kidneys. Probably also in all tissues. It is also used in the skeletal and reproductive systems, among others. If we want to find it in food, it is worth betting on e.g. citrus, whole-grain products or seeds. You have to remember, however, that our body needs an enzyme called phytase to be able to effectively use mio-inositol, which comes from food. When there are some abnormalities in the digestive system, it is easy to find them.


  • Supports the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety episodes
  • It can help to improve hair condition
  • Supports glucose metabolism
  • Inositol is one of the group of vitamins B – B8

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