OstroVit HorseTail VEGE 90 capsules

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OstroVit HorseTail VEGE is a modern, vegan dietary supplement in capsules containing the extract from the ground parts of horsetail. The product was created for vegetarians and vegans, as the product does not contain animal-derived substances and the main component of the capsules, which is usually gelatin, has been replaced with HPMC cellulose. OstroVit 100% VEGE CAPSULES is quality, diligence and a response to the expectations of our customers.

  • The product is also dedicated to vegans and vegetarians
  • 90 servings of the product
  • 7% silica standardized supplement

OstroVit HorseTail VEGE

Horsetail is a perennial plant belonging to the genus Equisetaceae. Most often it grows wild in the corners of Northern Europe, America and other humid places on earth with a temperate climate. Horsetail contains many compounds beneficial to our health, in particular antioxidants (antioxidants), as well as high concentration of silica. Field horsetail has been used for many thousands of years in the form of infusions, extracts, as well as extracts or macerates. Studies indicate its beneficial effect supports the proper bone mineralization and skeletal cell structure, including osteoclasts and osteoblasts, which is due to the high concentration of silica. Field horsetail is also known for its beneficial effects as a diuretic or natural diuretic. Increases urine output from the body and lowers blood pressure. The most well-known properties of horsetail are effective action to improve the natural appearance of our skin, nails and hair.


  • It supports the natural and beautiful appearance of our skin, nails and hair
  • Field horsetail is a wealth of phytochemicals and organic acids
  • Has a diuretic effect
  • Supports the reconstruction and mineralization of our bones
  • It can accelerate wound healing
  • High content of standardized silica
  • It can have a calming and relaxing effect

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