OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies 60 pieces

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OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies is a dietary supplement in the form of sweet jelly beans. It serves as a source of vitamins and minerals which provide comprehensive support to your beauty. It contains much biotin. It has been designed for persons who wish to make a virtue of necessity: support their organism and get something tasty. Have a try!

What is OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies?

It is a modern dietary supplement whose formula has been designed with healthy hair and skin as well as good mood in mind.

Carefully selected group of vitamins and minerals have been enclosed in bear-like jelly beans which are very tasty.

OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies:

  • has been developed on the basis of top-quality ingredients which comply with standards applicable throughout the European Union
  • contains considerable doses of vitamins and minerals required for proper operation of your organism in suitable proportions
  • takes an easy-to-use form – jelly beans are tasty and unforgettable

The package includes 60 portions, which means it is sufficient for a 2-month treatment!

Who is OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies for?

This dietary supplement will suit you if you wish:

  • to enjoy healthy hair and skin
  • to support proper energy metabolism and macro-nutrient metabolism – with good mood and proper figure in mind
  • to support operation of the nervous system and to keep proper mental functions, such as concentration and memorizing

Carefully selected active ingredients will support your organism in all these fields.

High content of biotin for health and beauty

OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies contains as many as 11 active ingredients required for proper operation of the organism. These are the following:

  • biotin (as many as 5000% RI*) – supports healthy hair, skin and nails
  • vitamin A – supports operation of immunity system
  • vitamin D – boosts immunity, proper operation of muscles and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
  • vitamin E – referred to as „youth vitamin”, helps you protect against free radicals
  • vitamin C – natural antioxidant which supports protection against free radicals
  • pantothenic acid – also called vitamin B5, key for proper operation of the organism
  • vitamin B6 – supports operation of the immunity system and proper generation of red blood cells
  • folic acid – helps you maintain proper mental functions
  • vitamin B12 – supports operation of the immunity system
  • iodine – boosts cognitive functions and maintenance of proper skin condition
  • zinc – helps you enjoy healthy hair, nails and skin

OstroVit Healthy Hair Koala Gummies is healthy and tasty as well as filled with vitamins.

1 jelly bean -1.56 g sugar (2% RI*) 7.9 kcal

*RI – Reference intake

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