OstroVit Hand and Arm Exercise Equipment

ID: OST367



The palm exercise equipment by OstroVit is intended for all those who look for handy tools to improve their strength and fitness. The set is composed of a hand grip with resistance control, egg-shaped hand exerciser, finger trainer and doughnut strengthener. Their universal size is a perfect match for all palms. The set is available in black.

Elements of a hand training set:

Hand grip – it is a perfect supplementation of the strength training. Thanks to a special structure, you can adjust the resistance from 5 to 60 kg, thus the product is designed both for beginners and professionals. The non-slip grips help you grab the item stably and firmly during exercises. The handle perfectly supplements the training in the field of climbing, golf, tennis, boxing, body building, but may well be used by guitar players and pianists. It also helps you recover from palm injuries or joint and tendon inflammations.

Egg-shaped hand exerciser – an egg-shaped ball for hand exercising. The product is most often used for post-traumatic hand rehabilitation. It helps you rebuild muscle mass, strengthens weak and damaged fingers, as well as demonstrates anti-stress and relaxing properties. Thanks to its size, you can take it wherever you like, e.g. to the workplace and for a walk. Made of a TPR thermoplastic fabric.

Finger trainer – a rubber finger trainer lets you regain full capability after your injuries. The finger stretching exercise with a suitable rubber resistance helps you strengthen palm and wrist muscles. Made of a silicone.

Doughnut strengthener – silicone trainers in the form of a doughnut are primarily used to exercise hand muscles. They are intended for rehabilitation, palm and forearm exercises. They are small but broad, and squeezing them stimulates forearm and palm muscles as well as mobilizes them to grow and get stronger. Made of a silicone.

The set is packed in a mesh bag with a brand logo. Thanks to this, all pieces take little space and are properly stored.