OstroVit Glutamine 1250 mg 300 capsules

ID: OST382



OstroVit Glutamine 1250 mg is a top-class, advanced preparation that contains only one ingredient, which is L-glutamine. The supplement has been designed in such a way as to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

  • 150 capsules in the package
  • Contains 37 servings
  • 4 capsules = 1 serving
  • Supreme Capsules line

OstroVit Glutamine

L-glutamine is an organic chemical compound from the group of endogenous amino acids. It is characterized by many biological functions, as a nitrogen transporter or a precursor to the synthesis of glutathione and nucleotides. It is one of the substrates in the process of gluconeogenesis.


  • It strengthens immunity and regeneration after hard physical training
  • The perfect remedy to improve the resynthesis of our muscle glycogen
  • Supports the immune system and the functioning of the intestines

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