OstroVit Foam mat puzzles

ID: OST370



The foam mat by OstroVit is a great offer for all those who look for a perfect protection of flooring against mechanical damage which may arise during the workout.

The professional foam mat is made of a high-quality fabric so that it remains soft and durable. It lowers the noise and is fit for exercising with weights. It is ideal for home training and proves handy in the fitness room, gym, sport hall or physiotherapist’s office. It is very easy to fold the mat – it is like puzzles – pieces match one another so that you can make it large or small, as per your liking.


  • isolation from cold floors,
  • cushioned damage,
  • easy to clean and waterproof,
  • perfect for fun and exercises.


  • 4 puzzles
  • Size of 1 puzzle: 60 × 60 cm
  • Size of entire mat: 120 × 120 cm
  • Thickness: 0.8 cm