OstroVit Fat Burner Extreme 90 capsules

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OstroVit Fat Burner eXtreme is a preparation with an unusual combination of natural substances that support and accelerate the process of lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown and burning of adipose tissue, and help maintain a healthy body weight. OstroVit Fat Burner is extreme stimulation at every training session and a real energy kick that puts everyone on their feet. It’s 100% effective in the fight for a better figure and confidence!

New improved formula
Natural ingredients
90 capsules in one package
30 servings per month of supplementation
Extreme fat cutting

L-Carnitine – a chemical organic compound from the group of amino acids that naturally occur in our body. Supports fat burning processes (energy intake from fats).
Green tea leaf extract – effectively supports the process of weight reduction, stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and prevents their re-enlargement.
L-Tyrosine – allows you to better endure the side effects of long and heavy reduction diets, where our body is in a deep calorie deficit. It improves memory and our well-being.
Caffeine – Helps speed up metabolism, stimulates, adds energy, supports the reduction of unnecessary fat,

African mango seed extract – can affect the regulation of leptin levels (the hormone responsible for appetite), regulates metabolism and supports the metabolism of lipids (fats)
Green coffee extract – it can reduce fat metabolism, speeds up metabolism and is a great antioxidant.
Ginger root extract – supports digestion, raises immunity and “fights” free radicals.
Properties OstroVit Fat Burner eXtreme
It inhibits the appetite for high-calorie snacks
Stimulates metabolism
Supports the lipolysis process
Supports fat reduction
It stimulates the body
It improves mood
Supports physical and mental activity
Supports maintaining a healthy body weight

Nutritional Facts

The extract of green coffee (chlorogenic acid content of 50%) / Green coffee extract (chlorogenic acid content of 50%)  80mg
Caffeine 200mg
Tyrosine / Thyrosine 500mg
extract of bitter orange (6% synephrine) / Citrus Aurantium extract powder (6% synephrine) 200mg
extracted from green tea (50% polyphenols) / Green tea extract powder (50% polyphenol) 200mg
the extract of ginger (5% gingerols) / Ginger extract powder (5% gingerols) 200mg
extract of black pepper (95% piperine) / Black pepper extract powder (95% piperine) 10mg
extract of cayenne pepper (capsaicin 10%) / Cayenne pepper extract powder (10% capsaicin) 100mg