OstroVit Evening Primrose Oil 120 capsules

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OstroVit Evening primrose oil is a dietary supplement offering a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which support a series of processes in the organism. The oil contains as many as 71% of linoleic acid and 10% of gamma-linoleic acid. These compounds are responsible for most precious properties of the product. Are you looking for a user-friendly supplement which can help you take care of your skin, suitable cholesterol and immunity, as well as soothe rheumatic pain? Choose capsules with evening primrose oil.

What is OstroVit Evening primrose oil?

The evening primrose has a lifespan of two years and is a plant with vivid-yellow flowers which can be found actually anywhere. As it is very decorative, you can often see it in home gardens. In food industry the evening primrose is used to produce oil. Thanks to the fact that the evening primrose oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, LA and GLA, it demonstrates strong health-promoting properties.

The evening primrose oil strongly moisturizes your skin and therefore can soothe its irritation. Additionally it can lower cholesterol level and boost weight loss. Acids included in the plant foster digestion, support regeneration of tissues, counteract respiratory system diseases as well as support regulation of blood pressure. Choose OstroVit Evening primrose oil dietary supplement in capsules if you:

  • deal with acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • your skin is dry
  • suffer from high cholesterol level
  • your blood pressure is too high
  • need to slim down
  • wish to improve your digestion
  • have rheumatic pain
  • your menstrual cycle is irregular


Thanks to a wide range of pro-health properties, the evening primrose oil is recommended to persons of various age and taking various physical activity. Its regular supplementation should be considered especially by women who experience irregular menstrual cycles and bad condition of skin and hair.

Major features of the supplement:

  • NATURAL FATTY ACIDS – Unsaturated fatty acids obtained from the evening primrose are responsible for most health-promoting properties of the product.
  • VITAMIN E – Additive in the form of vitamin E assures anti-oxidant impact of the capsules.
  • MOISTURIZED SKIN – The evening primrose oil improves skin moisturization and may limit effects of acne, eczema and psoriasis.
  • EASY USE – The dietary supplement is available in the form of soft capsules which are easy to use and do not cause discomfort when being swallowed.

Active ingredients of OstroVit Evening primrose oil

OstroVit Evening primrose oil contains as many as 71% of linoleic acid and 10% of gamma-linoleic acid. The supplement is also rich in vitamin E which boosts its impact. Check functions of particular active ingredients:

  • Linoleic acid (LA) – It regulates physiological functions. It has an impact on cholesterol level and pressure. It fosters fat burning procedure. It supports skin regeneration.
  • Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) – It soothes symptoms of allergy. It raises skin moisturization. It regulates blood pressure.
  • Vitamin E – It shows strong anti-oxidant impact. It protects your organism against coronary thrombosis, tumors. It supports eyesight.

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