OstroVit Echinacea VEGE 90 capsules

ID: OST306



OstroVit Purple Coneflower VEGE is a natural dietary supplement, closed in vegan capsules, thanks to which you can take care of your immunity and proper functioning of the respiratory system. Combination of two kinds of coneflower extract, that is extract standardized for 4% of polyphenols and extract standardized for 4% of chicoric acid, guarantees a constant amount of active substances, which ensures equal efficacy of the product in any case. If you look for a plant-based product which can secure you against infections, OstroVit Echinacea VEGE is a very good choice.

Who coneflower extract is designed for?

Echinacea, that is purple coneflower, is an ornamental plant with beautiful purple flowers. Aside from its unique decorative values, it has strong health-promoting properties, thanks to which its popularity in our country is on the increase. The use of coneflower in low-immunity seasons may reduce the infection risk. The impact of the plant is based on stimulation of phagocytosis during which the immunity system destroys bacteria and viruses.

Apart from support to immunity, coneflower also influences other processes in the organism. It can be used to support you in the struggle against respiratory system diseases, including upper respiratory tract infections. Choose OstroVit Echinacea VEGE if you:

  • often get sick
  • want to prevent cold and flu
  • you suffer from recurrent respiratory infections


OstroVit purple coneflower extract has been created for all those who suffer from frequent infections, in particular upper respiratory tract diseases. The product should be used for prevention purposes in lower-immunity seasons, especially in autumn and winter. One package of the extract is 90 recommended daily portions of the supplement.

Major features of the supplement:

  • SUPPORT TO IMMUNITY – Thanks to content of such active substances as flavonoids, alkamids, polysaccharides and phenolic acids, including chicoric acid, the purple coneflower serves as an effective support in the fight against cold and flu.
  • PREVENTION OF RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DISEASES – Echinacea demonstrates immunostimulating influence and therefore is recommended to persons who deal with recurring upper respiratory tract infections.
  • NATURAL POWER OF PLANTS – OstroVit Echinacea Extract is 100% plant-based. It does not contain any additional substances which would hinder operation of active ingredients.
  • VEGAN FORMULA – OstroVit Purple Coneflower VEGE is a product which can be successfully used by people on vegetarian and vegan diets. Both the supplement itself and the capsule shell do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

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