OstroVit Diet Rice Konjac 400 grams

ID: OST286
5.99 2.99


5.99 2.99

OstroVit Diet Rice Konjac is a natural product whose main ingredient is konnyak Glucomannan, a water-soluble fibre derived from the root of the konnyak plant.

The product is free from starch, protein, wheat, gluten and sugar. It is also low in calories, which makes it an excellent solution for people on Keto and Low Carb diets, as well as those taking care of their health and figure. Thanks to its high fibre content, it effectively preserves the feeling of satiety for a long time.

OstroVit Diet Rice Konjac is 100% plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is also gluten-free, so people with gluten intolerance or allergies can use it in the kitchen to prepare their favourite dishes.

Rice has no particular smell or taste, making it a perfect match for sauces, vegetables and meat. It easily absorbs flavours and spices.

There are 6 kcal in 250g of finished product, making it ideal for those on a diet. It is an excellent alternative to traditional rice.

Preparation instruction:

1. Drain excess water from the rice packet.

2. Rinse under fresh water for 2-3 minutes.

3. Add your desired sauce, stir-fry or soup.

4. Enjoy!

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