OstroVit Black Garlic VEGE 90 capsules

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OstroVit Black Garlic is a dietary supplement in capsules, designed on the basis of the fermented black garlic extract. The product has a series of health-promoting properties which prove to be stronger than in a classic white garlic. Are you looking for a vegan dietary supplement which can take care of your immunity, support your digestive system, help you keep an optimal cholesterol and blood pressure levels? Or maybe you want to start garlic supplementation but detest its pungent taste? OstroVit Black Garlic will be the best choice.

How black garlic is made and who it is recommended for?

Although people usually choose supplements rich in a classic white garlic, the black garlic is nothing new. It was discovered probably about 5000 years ago in Asia. The black garlic is actually a fermented white garlic. Today it is produced in special chambers at a high temperature and humidity. The fact that the garlic turns brown in such conditions is natural and results from reorganization of amino acids and sugars.

While it is fermenting, the black garlic loses its natural color, flavor and aroma, yet obtains additional health-promoting properties. It becomes a rich sources of amino acids which can have an influence on numerous processes in the organism. Choose the black garlic if you are looking for the supplement which:

  • demonstrates anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial impact
  • can regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • may lower the sugar level
  • is a strong anti-oxidant
  • provides the organism with minerals, for example magnesium and calcium
  • influences the look of your hair, nails and skin
  • stimulates the nervous system


When compared to the white garlic, nutrients included in the black garlic can be more easily absorbed by a human organism. The fermented garlic also shows a higher concentration of anti-oxidants, for example a few times more S-allylcysteine (SAC).

Major features of the supplement:

  • SUPPORT TO IMMUNITY – The black garlic extract has a positive impact on your immunity system. It performs well in preventing infections, particularly in autumn and winter.
  • ANTI-OXIDANT IMPACT – The dietary supplement is rich in anti-oxidant compounds which not only prevent inflammations but also may hinder aging processes inside the organism.
  • REGULATION OF PROCESSES – If used regularly, the black garlic is able to normalize the operation of numerous systems and organs. The supplement can for instance lower blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • VEGAN FORMULA – OstroVit Black Garlic dietary supplement is free from animal-origin ingredients and for this reason can be used by vegans and vegetarians.

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