Olimp Gold Vitamin A + E 30 capsules

ID: OL061



Gold-Vit A + E is a dietary vitamin supplement composed of perfectly composed, designed for people who care about your skin and hair.

Gold-Vit A + E has been enriched with evening primrose oil and biotin, in the form of innovative miktopeletek that ensure optimal speed of transport and absorption in the body.


Gold-Vit A + E of evening primrose oil and biotin are:

Very high content of evening primrose oil, vitamin A, necessary in the process of cell specialization, supporting the maintenance of healthy skin.

Vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals, biotin, helps keep it healthy and shiny hair.

Capsules manufactured using advanced and innovative technology FlowCaps Liquid Technology®, which guarantees maximum rapid absorption and high bioavailability of active ingredients.

Vitamins In easy to swallow, rounded capsule.

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