Nutrend Mega Strong BCAA 400 grams


BCAAs are three branched chain amino acids that contain leucine, isoleucine and valine. Their actions are extremely important to everyone, but physically active people will benefit the most. BCAAs inhibit muscle catabolism, help develop dry muscle mass and improve protein synthesis. In other words, using them before a workout means that you will reach the desired muscles faster than before.

BCAA Mega Strong from Nutrend is a product that contains glutamine, vitamins and zinc in addition to essential amino acids. As a result, this Nutrend supplement not only supports the development of muscle mass, but also reduces fatigue and improves the immune system. Its consumption is extremely simple – just mix 10 g with 300-400 ml of water and drink.

BCAAs consist of three complementary amino acids. Leucine works by stimulating the synthesis of muscle proteins, isoleucine is anti-catabolic and provides energy to working muscles, while the body uses valine for energy. In addition, Nutrend also contains L-glutamine, which inhibits the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol and is involved in the synthesis of muscle proteins.

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