Muscle Power Yoga Ball 65cm Purple

ID: MUP017



This 65 cm exercise ball will make you feel at home, as if you were in a fitness class! Regular workouts with it will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and your spine will thank you. In other words, you can achieve a variety of benefits tailored to your needs.

The use of a yoga ball is recommended for different age groups – from young to old. You can use it to perform simple, not too intense workouts that are suitable for everyone. A yoga ball will help you get rid of constant back pain, improve balance and strengthen muscles.

This product will act as an element of training, rehabilitation and prevention of postural defects. If you want to finally get the right motivation to straighten your back while sitting at the TV or computer, sit on the ball.

It will help strengthen muscles
It is useful during rehabilitation exercises
It has a structure that prevents slipping during training
You can use it during stretching exercises

For even more convenient use, the ball comes with a pump that you can use to inflate it quickly. As soon as you do this, you can start training that does not strain the joints and has only a minimal risk of injury. If you want to be more active in nature, take it with you to the park and dedicate yourself to exercising there. Thanks to the special solutions used, it will not slip.