Muscle Power TRX Suspension Trainer Straps Set Belts Crossfit

ID: MUP010

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This type of training is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that anyone can do it at home. The special bands that make it up allow you to exercise using your body weight. They are adjustable, so they are suitable for everyone, regardless of height or desired activity.

Exercises with TRX have an advantage over other devices, as they allow for even development and at the same time do not burden the spine and joints. Many muscle groups work at the same time, which in turn allows you to stabilize the figure and adjust the posture. Doing this type of training regularly will improve your strength, balance and endurance.

TRX has many advantages, the equipment is comfortable and light, and with it you can exercise almost anywhere. For these reasons, trainers, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts really want it. It is recommended for everyone, regardless of a person’s level of progress, and gives you a variety of options so you won’t be bored.