Muscle Power Rubber expander

ID: MUP009

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Expander is a set of resistance bands designed for workouts that help to work on well-shaped thighs, abdomen, arms and chest. Their great advantage is the fact that they replace many of the equipment available in the gym and can be used at home or outdoors.

With the help of this product you will strengthen, shape and slide the figure depending on the desired needs and exercises to be performed. This set will help you train your abdomen, chest, back and even legs. Invest in this expander kit and refuse to go to the gym forever.

It provides versatile training opportunities
The set includes a bag that makes it easier to store
The handles are made of soft foam
Allows you to achieve training goals at home

The offered set includes three rubbers with different resistance, 2 handles made of soft foam and a bag in which to hide all these elements.