Muscle Power EPP Yoga Roller

ID: MUP019



Training and choosing the right diet is the key to success. However, the process of creating a figure does not end there – there is another very important aspect that is sometimes ignored. After exercise, the body still needs to regenerate – replenish glycogen energy, repair damaged muscle fibers or remove unnecessary anaerobic breathing products – lactic acid, which causes an unpleasant painful feeling. Regeneration is a process that takes a long time – the body cannot fix everything with the click of a finger. However, you can help him a little in this process, for example by using the appropriate rollers, such as those offered by MP Sport. How does it actually work?

We have exercised, we are tired, the body seems to hurt all around, so it would be good to relax. What about regeneration? After a lot of effort, we don’t really want to move, because severe pain is reminiscent of a recent workout. Massage rollers are useful here. Scrolling helps stimulate blood circulation, and faster-flowing blood provides cells with oxygen and nutrients. Better nourished and oxygenated muscles recover faster, which will reduce the feeling of weakness after a workout.

A short session with a roller is also a good warm-up. Preparing the body for exercise by stimulating blood circulation will help to better supply the tissues with oxygen and provide the muscles with more nutrients. This preparation will help you better withstand the rigor of your workouts.

EPP Yoga roller set – three shapes, hard massage

The MP Sport set consists of three rollers of different sizes. Each is profiled differently to provide many types of massage. The largest accessory is an elongated roller up to 30 cm long. It works great as a back massager, just lie on it and move your body so that the roller rolls from shoulders to hips. The roller is 15 cm in diameter and provides equal pressure on its entire surface. Despite its large size, it is very light and easy to carry.

The MP Sport kit also includes a double ball, the so-called duoball. These are two massage balls connected to each other, each 8 cm in diameter. They provide more variable pressure due to differences in level and are great as a foot and hand massager.

The last element of the set is one ball with a diameter of 8 cm. Provides point massage, exactly where it is needed. It is perfect as a neck and caviar massager. The small size of the ball allows it to be easily moved to a place where you feel discomfort and deal with pain effectively.

The roller set was made of EPP, i.e. polypropylene foam. The material is durable – it should not deform even after the most demanding massage sessions. In addition, it is very light, so you can take the rollers with you, for example, for rehabilitation or training. EPP is easy to clean, the roller can be wiped with a damp cloth, but in case of heavy dirt it can be washed with soap and water. The material does not absorb moisture.

Material: EPP (polypropylene foam)

Roll dimensions: 15cm x 30cm

Dimensions of the duo: 8cm x 16cm

Ball dimensions: 8 cm in diameter

Note: The EPP Yoga Roller is a muscle massager. It should not be used to massage joints and bones. The massager should also not be used in the vicinity of open wounds, bruises, hematomas and other areas that indicate bleeding from the blood vessels and lack of tissue continuity.