Muscle Power AB Wheel Black

ID: MUP014



The abdominal muscle training wheel, also called AB Wheel or AB Roller, is a very different type of training session both in the gym and at home. It works great on a small surface, and although it is small and inconspicuous, it puts a proper load on the muscles. Don’t be fooled by its simple shape and small size. Exercises with its use require a lot of patience and perseverance – especially in the beginning. AB Wheel gives great benefits to your abdominal muscles.

The Ab Wheel is an indispensable device if we want to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Training with a single trainer seems simple. It involves many muscles at the same time and initially requires a lot of perseverance and endurance.

Proper technique is very important when practicing with the AB Wheel. To avoid injuries, keep your abdominal muscles taut and do not put your lower back. At first, you should also avoid deep wheel movements. To prevent too much movement, you can exercise in front of a wall that restricts your movement.

The AB Wheel MP Sport is a small accessory with a simple design. It consists of a single wheel and a metal bar projecting from both sides of the wheel and serving as a handle. To ensure a comfortable grip, it is covered with non-slip foam instead of a handle. It also has a knee pad. The attached mat protects your knees from friction and works well when exercising on a hard surface.

The set includes a carpet under the knees free of charge
High quality exercise machine
Great variety of home exercises
It strengthens the abdominal and back muscles
It can be used for different types of activities
It is suitable for exercises in a small area