Iconfit Whey Protein 80 1 kg

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ICONFIT WHEY PROTEIN 80 – Estonian product based on high-quality whey protein concentrate with exemplary solubility. We use only the best raw materials in this product, which have a fast solubility, do not leave pieces and have a pleasant mild taste. An exemplary amino acid profile provides the best prerequisites for your muscle growth and post-workout recovery! Does not contain any unnecessary dyes or stabilizers. Available with pure unflavoured, popular sucralose as well as stevia-based sweetener.

Why prefer ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 over some imported whey protein?

ICONFIT QUALITY GUARANTEE! We promise to never compromise on the quality of any raw material! We do not use cheaper and lower quality Polish whey protein, but we only use top-quality German whey protein as a raw material! Don’t be fooled by 2-3x more expensive foreign brands at times!
ICONFIT IS AN ESTONIAN MANUFACTURER! We produce our products right here in Estonia and with every purchase you support a local manufacturer. The importer’s intermediate mark-up and transport costs from a third country are also omitted. Directly from the Estonian manufacturer to Estonian protein lovers!


The flavored variants of ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 are high quality whey protein concentrates, a flavoring added for good taste, cocoa powder (only in the chocolate flavoring variant) and a small amount of sucralose or stevia-based sweetener.

However, the unflavoured version of ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 is pure high-quality whey protein concentrate – that’s right, no additives! Suitable for increasing the protein content in various foods, beverages or mixing with other proteins.

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