Iconfit Whey Isolate 90+ 1 kg


ICONFIT WHEY ISOLATE 90+ is a protein produced in Estonia based on 93% whey protein isolate. We have placed great emphasis on the purity and particularly high protein content of this product. Whey Isolate 90+ has exemplary solubility and is almost carbohydrate and fat free. Whey protein isolate is highly valued by athletes due to its particularly fast absorption – consume immediately after training to give your muscles a fast absorption of BCAA and protein for recovery and development.

Why is ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ better than many other imported products?

The ICONFIT isolate has a particularly high protein content – based on 93% of the isolate, our flavored variants also have a protein content of over 90% (only 88.2% of the chocolate is added due to cocoa powder). Many manufacturers with imported and well-known names call their mixtures an isolate, but contain only 80% -85% protein to save costs.
Most imported products contain various artificial stabilizers, unnecessary dyes, etc. which should not be present in such a product at all. ICONFIT cares about the cleanliness of its products and does not add anything unnecessary.
ICONFIT IS AN ESTONIAN MANUFACTURER! We produce our products right here in Estonia and with every purchase you support a local manufacturer. The importer’s intermediate mark-up and transport costs from a third country are also omitted. Directly from the Estonian manufacturer to Estonian protein lovers!

The flavored variants of ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ are high quality whey protein isolates, seasoning added for good taste, cocoa powder (chocolate flavored version only), sunflower to speed up the solubility of lecithin and a small amount of sucralose as a sweetener.

However, the unflavoured version of ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ is a pure, high-quality whey protein isolate with a small amount of sunflower lecithin, which helps to further accelerate solubility – that’s right, no other additives! With a relatively neutral taste, it is also suitable to simply mix with water and consume (if you are used to the taste of whey protein and not too sensitive to taste). Also suitable for increasing the protein content in various foods, beverages or mixing with other proteins.

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