Iconfit Real Hydro Whey 800 grams


ICONFIT Real Hydro Whey is a whey protein with a particularly high level of DH25 hydrolysis, so it is a top-class source of protein with the best properties! Although cheaper Hydro Whey products are available in shops, their packaging does not usually indicate the level of protein hydrolysis, which is often only 2 to 5%. It is possible to save money by choosing such products, but proteins with such a low level of hydrolysis do not differ much from whey protein concentrate or isolate. ICONFIT Real Hydro Whey product, on the other hand, boasts a high level of hydrolysis, which ensures its quality and efficiency.

Highest level of DH25 hydrolysis! The body absorbs it faster and better, so the effect on muscle regeneration is completely different.

Whey protein is a highly valued source of protein among athletes. It is used during or after training to provide the proteins needed for muscle regeneration and development. Highly hydrolysed whey proteins have the best effect and absorption.

Real Hydro Whey is a much better product than many competing conventional Hydro Whey products, with only a 2-5% hydrolysis rate and the Hydro name is just an empty word. Such products are both cheaper and not better.

Try and feel the difference compared to your regular protein.

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