Iconfit Quick Protein Oats 1 kg


ICONFIT Quick Protein Oats is an easy-to-make healthy porridge – just add hot water. This porridge has a balanced amount of nutrients, ~ 30% protein and also the required daily amount of collagen! Not a gram of added sugar and is suitable for the whole family. Developed and produced in Estonia!


Ordinary oatmeal porridge is popular and a good breakfast, but it is too low in protein. Therefore, nutritionists and plans always recommend adding or eating protein. Quick Protein Oats porridges already contain the required amount of protein (collagen, whey protein, hemp protein). This helps to better balance the nutrients in the menu and thus to eat easily and healthily.


Quick Protein Oats porridges are high in fiber. Fiber is necessary in food and most of us do not consume it enough per day. Each 100g serving contains 6.5 g of fiber.


Porridge also contains over 10% of Estonia’s highest quality hydrolyzed collagen. If you eat at least 1 serving of porridge a day, you will also cover your body’s daily need for 10g of collagen.

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