Iconfit Omega 3 High Strength 1000mg 90 capsules

ID: ICO121



ICONFIT Premium Omega-3 is a soft capsule with excellent concentrations of EPA and DHA. Fish oil is pure, obtained from small fish (anchovies).

Fatty acids EPA and DHA are important for the heart and arteries. Promote the treatment of depression and improve the overall mood. Both EPA and DHA reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDC) in the blood. Improve heart function and health while improving blood supply to the head and muscles. Promote a better supply of oxygen to the body by increasing airway capacity and improving vision.

It is recommended that you take at least 250 mg of EPA and DHA per day. ICONFIT Premium Omega 3 capsules provide the maximum dose of pure EPA and DHA fatty acids.

1 capsule contains 500 mg EPA and 250 mg DHA, which makes the product very effective and easy to use – only 1 capsule a day and you will get the maximum effect!

What happens if the body does not get enough fatty acids?

Vascular diseases, allergies, joint inflammation, infertility problems, obesity, diabetes, tiredness, dry skin, depression, anxiety and memory problems can occur.

ICONFIT capsules do not contain artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives or dyes and do not contain GMOs.

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