Iconfit OAT&WHEY Pro Gainer 1.4 kg


ICONFIT OAT&WHEY Pro Gainer is our best mass gainer! We have combined three unique protein sources (whey protein, hydrolysed collagen and oat flour) to create an enhanced amino acid profile, and added lots of carbohydrates, creatine, vitamins and minerals.


A completely unique protein combination that includes finely milled oat flour produced in Estonia and classic whey protein concentrate. In addition, every serving also contains 10 g of hydrolysed pure collagen, which is scientifically proven to have many benefits. Collagen has an excellent amino acid profile that works beautifully in combination with whey and oats. What is more, collagen is helpful in protecting your joints and enhancing recovery. Athletes who are trying to gain mass usually put a lot of pressure on their joints during exercise – collagen can really offer some great support here.


The mix contains a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. Most of the carbohydrates are from maltodextrin, a rapidly absorbed energy source and, to a smaller extent, from oat protein. The recommended 200 g serving contains roughly 760 kcal, however you can change the amount you consume daily to fit your needs and goals. NB! Despite the massive amount of carbohydrates, OAT&WHEY has a very low sugar content – only up to 4.5%!

That’s not all!

Even though high-quality protein and carbohydrates form an important base for the mass gainer, we have added more ingredients to make it even better! Thanks to 5 g of micronised creatine per serving and a blend of 23 vitamins and minerals that cover 50% of the RDA, it truly is a premium product.

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